Model Crush: Heloise Guerin

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Seriously where have I been? All this time I scroll through my pinterest feed, pinning photos of models and never had I ever found a photo of Heloise before.. until this morning. I always love finding out new faces or even supermodels photos. Some of my favorite models are so beautiful and inspiring. Seriously, who doesn’t love looking at all those high fashion editorials and those gorgeous models in it? Heloise has that unique doll-like face, don’t you think? And she’s so awesome there is even a photo of her and Constance Jablonski. Ah I am a fan.

Anyway, I know you are tired of only seeing my face.. so here’s good news. I thought I would start posting things that inspire me since my blog is kind of boring with only pictures of me in it. So keep checking my blog for another inspiration post! xx


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